Zombie Age 3 MOD APK 1.8.5 (Unlimited Money, Ammo)

Zombie Age 3 MOD APK 1.8.5 (Unlimited Money, Ammo)

Name Zombie Age 3
Version 1.8.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Ammo
Size 50M
Genre Action
Get original on Google Play
Publisher DIVMOB
Người Đăng DIVMOB,
Cập Nhật September 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Zombie Age 3: Dead City is the sequel to Zombie Age 2 and Zombie Age from the publisher DIVMOB . Participating in the game, you not only experience the shooting war to destroy Zombie but also have many outstanding features compared to the old versions. The Zombies are more terrifying, their power is greater, the player has a more powerful arsenal and a better battle experience. Download now Zombie Age 3 MOD Money, Unlimited Ammo version shared by ApkChill in this article!

Introduce about Zombie Age 3: Dead City MOD APK

Zombie Age 3 APK with the idea of ​​​​a bloody war of humans and the undead. You will transform into one of the last survivors in the world in these seemingly apocalyptic days, all the people around you have turned into zombies and crazy. Your homeland is being attacked and invaded by these animals. The undead are extremely ferocious and warlike that it will destroy any human in its path. All defenses were destroyed by the undead. As the last survivor, you have a task to hide from the undead so as not to attack them as well as defeat them to drive them out of your homeland.

How to play Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3 Mod Apk

All the tasks that you have to complete in Zombie Age 3 MOD are simply shooting and slashing. The missions assigned to you will be the places where she is also taken over by the undead and your job is to use your abilities, with your best, you can take them back from the zombies. The only way to get those strongholds is to kill all the undead.

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In Zombie Age 3 Online there are control shortcuts that allow you to move, attack, shoot… When you own a lot of guns you can quickly switch weapons to use by clicking on the gun icon in the right corner of the screen.

You will have to go to conquer in turn different locations occupied by the undead. After completing each task you will accept a corresponding reward. In addition, you can also collect a lot of products that can help you fight zombies. A lot of items will be unlocked when you reach a certain rank and you can use it to complete more difficult quests than one of the higher ranks.

Weapons in the game Zombie Age 3

Download Zombie Age 3 Mod Money, Ammo For Android

Starting Zombie Age 3 MOD Money you will own a pistol with the feature of selling further away, the stronger the damage. but the higher the rank, the stronger your enemies will become, so you need a stronger gun that is strong enough to be able to kill all zombies and you can find the guns This in the shop unlocks by reaching a certain level.

Download Zombie Age 3 Free owns an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons, they will have their own characteristics of damage, usage, advantages and disadvantages, so you need to be knowledgeable and know how to choose. to best suit each opponent as well as his goals.

However, with powerful guns with great damage, it means that it is not light in weight, so your movement speed will be affected. These are also the objective factors that make Zombie Age 3 Mod APK not easy and you need to understand it specifically to be able to perform the most difficult task.

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In addition to knowing how to use guns, vehicles are also an extremely important factor in the game. In Zombie Age 3 Online there are motorbikes that allow you to move faster than walking. Instead of using guns you can also use motorbikes to attack zombies and defeat them. You can unlock these motorcycles and use them= how to reach a certain level.

Download Zombie Age 3 Mod Latest Version 2022

In addition to guns and vehicles, the game also supports a lot of essential items in those battles: First aid tools, magnets, ammo boxes, speeding shoes… However allows you to carry those things thanks to your backpack, but your backpack doesn’t have enough space to hold all the items so you can only bring the maximum.

MOD APK version of Zombie Age 3

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Ads


This is an extremely fun game but still no less horror for players. The game has received a rain of compliments from players and many veteran gamers. What are you waiting for, Download Zombie Age 3 MOD For Android right from the exciting and fun experience.

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