War Machines MOD APK 6.16.1 (Unlimited Money, Show Enemies Radar)

War Machines MOD APK 6.16.1 (Unlimited Money, Show Enemies Radar)

Name War Machines
Version 6.16.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Show Enemies
Size 114M
Genre Action
Get original on Google Play
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Người Đăng Fun Games For Free,
Cập Nhật September 18, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

War Machines MOD (Money, Show Enemies Radar)  is an action game modeled and created by the makers of Fun Games For Free. Impressive main background, inspired by the army and majestic tanks, boldly imprinted with the times. cruel war. There are two combat mechanics where you can fight independently or join teammates and then go to the battlefield. The game has hit the psyche of gamers who love these wars. beautiful action sequences. In fact, it shined and was a huge success with millions of downloads. Explore to find these interesting things.

Introduce about War Machines MOD APK

You must have heard a lot about fierce battles during the war through recorded history. And to make people feel more authentic, Hack War Machines was born to make a lot of impressions on the electronic online game market. Tank necks are an indispensable combat item in ground battles with extremely powerful destructive shots. You will be able to personally control them to destroy the most violent enemies.

Attractive gameplay

War Machines Mod Apk

Each match will have a certain time limit of 3 minutes, in that short moment, you must use the skill of controlling the tank to overcome difficult obstacles, aim and defeat the opponent. player. In a game screen, there is not only one enemy tank but there will be many, your task will be more difficult, but it is imperative that you defeat as many vehicles as possible otherwise a small mistake will make you dead. defeat and lose the battle.

Destroy the enemy

War Machines Mod becomes the winner you have to be the last survivor and make sure the enemies are all defeated, The battle machines when rolling on the battlefield will have to have someone lie down, damage Loss and loss are inevitable in military affairs. Everything in War Machines Mod happens equally, anyone who participates starts from the starting point. Sometimes the strong won’t always win, smart in gameplay, creative in fighting style will help you gain more advantages over your opponents. As an equal game, it is not always the great powers such as the US, UK, China, North Korea, who always win. The flag of the country is being placed on your head, fight hard and bring glory to the country.

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Power Upgrading

Download War Machines Mod Money, Show Enemies Radar

Hack War Machines has a diverse tank system enough to satisfy players with a very large number. Each type of tank will have different characteristics displayed on the index of each vehicle, it will be more appropriate if you can choose for yourself a favorite vehicle and fix them. Because it will cost a lot of money you have to spend to buy them, instead, upgrade your car to become more powerful and save a cost to use for other things. To make your tank stronger War Machines Mod allows players to upgrade and improve the weapons equipped on the vehicle. At first participating in the battle you only need to upgrade the basic, but as you go deeper into the battlefield, the opponents will be much stronger and more intensive weapon upgrades are necessary.

Sound & graphics

Download War Machines Mod Lastest Version For Android

The cars are reproduced with many different models on the background of brilliant 3D images to avoid monotony when playing the game. Using dramatic noises, it excellently reproduces the reality of a tense but equally dramatic fight.

MOD Version of War Machines

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Enemies are always visible on the radar.


With the Mod version of the War Machines, players will experience the feature of detecting enemies on radar, then killing enemies will become easier because you already know where they appear on the map. Combined with 3D War Machines Mod graphics, players are often rewarded with the most realistic images, along with quality sounds such as gunshots, explosions that make game participants feel excited and dramatic than.

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With outstanding and unique features and attractive game modes of a quality game, what are you waiting for without downloading War Machines MOD APK to immerse yourself in the war atmosphere at that time and feel the present? This is full of blood and passion.

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