MOD APK 1.3.12 (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Damage) is an adventure game from publisher Habby . You become a hero, fighting at the same time with more than 1000 monsters and zombies to save the city. Master maps and skills with simple, intuitive control that lets you experience dramatic battles in a variety of modes. If you want to save the city from the attack of fierce zombies, you should choose to download and play the MOD Unlimited Money, Gode Mode, One Hit.

Introduction about MOD APK was just released in August 2022, but the game has quickly attracted millions of downloads. The game impresses from the graphics to the plot to the gameplay to the mission system. Enter the war against zombies into the mind of a hero defending the city. Can you complete this noble mission or not? Discover the game now!

A straightforward survival plot Mod Apk
A straightforward survival plot of builds a story about the city being attacked by fierce zombies and falling into danger. You are the player awakened from the test of dreams. To survive in such a city, wanting to survive and protecting other survivors forces the player to assume the role of a hero fighting the barbaric zombies.

You and other survivors in the city will take up arms to fight the zombies. The zombies are extremely large and strong. It is just a mistake that you and other survivors will fall into a disadvantageous situation, directly affecting your own life. Find ways to survive by fighting directly with danger.

Exciting action-adventure gameplay. Mod Money, Gems, One Hit, God Mode
Exciting action-adventure gameplay on

The gameplay of MOD APK is quite simple. You will condition your character and use the best weapon to fight zombies. You have to move the character skillfully, combining it with dodging and attack skills, to successfully destroy zombies. Each time a zombie lies down is the time you get bonus points from the game system. This bonus point is very important. The more the player accumulates it, the higher it will be to help his best friend upgrade his character.

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The gameplay is as simple as that, but the game makes it more difficult than you think because the zombies are numerous. They appear in each life wave in extremely large numbers and are extremely powerful. Therefore, when playing, you need to destroy them quickly to survive. At the same time, there are 1000 different types of monsters and zombies coming towards you. Using weapons, skills, and moves will help you defeat them easily.

Accumulate experience points to level up characters. Mod Latest Version For Android Download
Accumulate experience points to level up characters on

As shared above, to level up your character, Survivor io Hack players must accumulate a lot of experience points. This is extremely necessary to help your character become stronger against increasingly stronger and more powerful zombies. When you upgrade your character, the hero you play can learn new and mighty fighting skills.

However, to learn new skills, experience points are not enough. Players must also have more biofuel. You can collect this type of item during the fight against zombies. Through each evolution, the character’s appearance will change, and the fighting ability will also become stronger, ready to welcome different types of zombies in Survivor io MOD Unlimited Money .

A diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its own effect

To help you win easily, Survivor io MOD Money/Gems provides players with an extremely rich weapon system. It can be guns with great destructive power, bombs, biological weapons, etc. Each type has a unique effect to help you use it in different combat situations.

Not only that, you also learn a special skill called Roguelike. With the Roguelike skill, you can use many different weapons simultaneously during the fight against zombies. When combining many types of weapons, it will create a combo with great damage to undead monsters. Take advantage of this skill in the most crowded cases of zombies!

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Try your luck with this lucky gift box.

In the latest version of the Survivor io hack, players can try their luck with an extremely attractive minigame mode, which is the lucky gift box mode. Every time you complete a level, you will get a free lucky box game. You can obtain many valuable items as well as new and rare weapons to use in battle.

If you have run out of free turns, you can completely use gold coins in survivor io hack unlimited money and diamonds to buy more turns to open lucky gift boxes. Investing a small amount of money to open gifts and receive high-value items is a smart decision. However, what you get and how valuable it is will completely depend on your luck.

MOD APK version of

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Immortality // God Mode
  • Damage X100 // One Hit
  • Exp X20
  • Antiban


Download the MOD APK version shared by APKCHILL to have many advantages in experience, money, and diamonds, especially the immortal feature that helps you enter the full battle against zombies. interesting! It’s easy to become a hero to protect the city. It’s right on your Android phone.

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