Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Rise Of Kingdoms (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gems) is the most sought-after game today. The game brings players immersed in a very realistic space. So what makes this game so explosive? The following article will decode for you useful information about Rise Of Kingdoms Mod!

Introduce About Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK

Rise Of Kingdoms APK is released by Lilith Games – A game maker from China. This is a landmark artistic mobile strategy game. The game takes you on a journey back to a mighty civilization without fear of any enemies. You choose to buy one of 11 civilizations, such as: Rome, Germany, England, France, Spain, China, Japan …. The game brings 34 heroes of different worlds . To explore these civilizations, download Rise Of Kingdoms game today.


Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk

When you first start playing, follow the instructions to play Rise of Kingdoms MOD. You build farms, fields, barracks, shooting ranges, wood factories … to prepare food, an army to build your craft. You need to harvest wood, food, train troops, upgrade buildings… it takes seconds to hours depending on your level.

You perform daily tasks to receive food, gold, wood, time-saving items … Explore new lands, visit the enemy’s kingdom to gain important information to easily win the battle. Rise of Kingdoms supports you to join or leave the battle at any time. So you easily link up with your clan members to defeat enemies to get resources.

A kingdom along the Nile on Rise Of Kingdoms APK

In addition, as an example to show you why Rise Of Kingdoms Mod is so attractive, let’s stop at a civilization to find out! Ancient Egypt is one of the four oldest and most independently developed civilizations in the world. Egyptian culture was formed by the political unification of the first pharaohs (Upper and Lower Egypt) in 3150 BC (Egyptian chronology).

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Download Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Unlocked All For Android

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod APK new version, Egypt or Vikings of Egypt appear in a short film about the war against Egypt. Queen Cleopatra called on Pharaoh Thutmose III to protect the kingdom. Under the wise leadership of Thutmose III, the Egyptian army was powerful and won a victory that caused the Vikings to flee.

In short, Thutmose III led the Egyptian archers to shoot arrows. This will be the 5th country to have a dedicated archery army named Marianu. This army has an impressive design, with T5 soldiers wearing gold armor and Egyptian style with golden bows, which makes a special impression.

With the Blessing of the Nile, Egyptian Civilization increases Archery Attack by 5%, Collected Damage by 5%, and Research and Speed ​​by 1.5%. If choosing to start a civilization, perhaps the number of Egypt is not too surprising, compared to China, this player increases the speed of construction by 5%.

The generals in Rise Of Kingdoms MOD you must play!

With the appearance of Egyptian civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms MOD Unlimited Gems, the developer also introduced two new generals in Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Full money: vizier Imhotep and pharaoh Thutmose III. Both are very talented, and I believe that if you are a newbie, these two talented generals will definitely help you on your way to conquer the world.

Rise Of Kingdoms APK attraction with mini games

Download Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Money, Gems Latest Version 2022

In the game Rise Of Kingdoms APK, you start with the basics like farms, fields, workshops and buildings. All of these will contribute to building a powerful empire of your own. The strength of the kingdom depends on the level and relentless creativity of each person.

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Graphics – Sound

Image of strong soldiers , each general shows all the characteristics and culture of the country you choose. The armies of Western countries will be tall and muscular , Asian countries will be flexible and poisonous , female soldiers will be strong and beautiful , and male soldiers will be agile and flexible.

In the process of building the empire, the melodious birdsong sounds pleasant to the ears, mixed with the construction sounds of the masons, the processing factories, and the soldiers who are practicing. The sound effects of the fighting are focused, showing the heroic atmosphere, the launching words to lead the fight, fighting with powerful enemies to increase the experience for players like being in a wartime scene.

MOD APK version of Rise of Kingdoms

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Antiban
  • Unlimited Resources


If you are passionate about strategy games, then Rise Of Kingdoms MOD APK is a choice for you to join. In the game you will be playing the role of famous generals such as Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc including Kusunoki Masashige,… This will definitely be a private space for you to show your dominance and build talent. Build your own empire. Let’s show through this strategy game.

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