Idle Mafia Boss MOD APK 1.30 (Unlimited NY Money)

Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra (MOD, NY Money) is a fun and management click game in the style of simulation game. Since its launch by ALPHATIER Studios, the game has been strongly received by the gaming community around the world on Google Play. It must be said that the game was a huge hit because the developers of this game spent a lot of time looking at similar games before they started making this game. Let’s find out now Mod Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra to see what interesting things are waiting for!

Introduce about Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra Mod APK

With the classic layout in Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra, as well as a very stylish and unique graphic design. Players will find themselves on the territory of North America during the heyday of crime in the 30s of the last century. As the boss of one of the clans, the player will participate in many cases and criminal activities. Then when the city is completely under the control of the mafia, you can think of expanding the influence to other large settlements. The game offers a variety of features and qualities to give gamers an enjoyable and long-lasting gameplay.


 Idle Mafia Boss Mod Apk

Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra Mod is a game with a fascinating storyline, the story is about the famous New York mafia boss in the early 1930s. At that time, the biggest and most famous mafia groups were mafia groups. Italy’s Sicily is known in the United States as Cosa Nostra. In this game, you will travel to New York in the 1930s and start your own secret organization and scale as a mafia boss.

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Building and developing an organization by illegal activities

Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod Ny Money Free

Join Idle Mafia Boss Hack, your task is to try to hold the position of boss of all Mafia organizations around the world. And to do that, you have to build a reputation as well as build a strong organization. By carrying out various underground business activities such as selling smuggled alcohol across the country, opening casinos for underground elites, robbing banks, running bar businesses even organizing gangster activities and more. so again. From there you will have the opportunity to expand the area and earn a lot of money. However, things are really not easy, use your excellent wisdom and come up with a suitable strategy to become the perfect boss in the eyes of the members and build a huge empire.

Great features

Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod For Android Lastest Version

In addition to performing a series of different attractive tasks, Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra (Money) also offers a multitude of interesting features.

  • Dominate the organization in many major cities around the world such as New York, Chicago, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Miami because of the large and wealthy populations in these places. They accept to spend millions of dollars on activities that satisfy their pleasure.
  • Continue earning money idle even when you are not playing. Your job then is to just log in and collect the coins.
  • Invest in new, lucrative criminal businesses to increase your income even more.
  • Get rich managing 25 illegal business locations in more than 5 major cities.
  • Hire managers and streamline operations to maximize your profits. Your job is to just live and enjoy like an emperor while the money in your pocket is still increasing.
  • Gain control of increasingly profitable businesses.
  • A special thing of Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra Mod is that it does not require an Internet connection. So you can fully enjoy the game wherever and whenever you want.
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Sound and graphics

Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra uses vivid 2D graphics and very unique tones to build cities and many other places, making everything more realistic than ever. Besides, the facial expressions of each character are also designed extremely vivid and unique. In addition, the game also has a realistic sound system that is flexible with different activities that make it hard for players to take their eyes off.

MOD Version of Idle Mafia Boss

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Boss Money
  • Unlimited NY Money


Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra Mod APK is really an addictive game and attracts anyone at first sight by hundreds of attractive business activities that it brings. Quickly install and become the biggest tycoon in the history of the world right now!


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