Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK 3.4.0 (Unlimited Money, God Mode, No CD)

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gems, Ammo, No Skill CD, Imortal) – online action game is quite popular and loved by many people with fierce but extremely interesting 3v3 battles. You will have relaxing moments with your beloved phone and control the tank on the twisty road to destroy other racers and reach the finish line.

Introduce about Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

This game is classified as a free game, but you still need to pay for owning packages that include coin and gem packs to be able to unlock or upgrade more advanced tanks. And Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK will be the solution for those who do not intend to pay such a sum of money.

Attractive gameplay in Hills of Steel 2 for Android

Hills Of Steel 2 Mod Apk

Gameplay in Hills of Steel 2 APK sounds not complicated at all. Just steer your tank forward or backward and shoot enemies as they enter the firing range. It looks simple, but when playing again is not so simple because the physics in the game is quite weird, you may find it like Get Over It.

The moves in the game are pretty close to the rules of physics outside, so you will have a lot of fun when your tank flips over a small hill or sees a tank with two rear wheels. However, this is the new thing that makes the Hills of Steel 2 download and the previous version the brand.

The tank system looks very eye-catching

Download Hills Of Steel 2 Mod Money, Gems, No Skill Cooldown

Currently, Hills of Steel 2 latest version allows you to use 9 different types of tanks to fight, including many modern tanks such as Cobra, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Reaper, Barracuda, Tesla, Mammoth and Arachno. Each type of tank has its own weapon such as a Cobra staple gun or a Reaper’s Gatling gun. Sophisticated weapons such as the electrostatic discharge poles of the Tesla or Arachno laser cannons.

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Saw blades are a good choice for high mobility and low damage tanks like Cobra, Joker and Phoenix. It is really useful because this weapon allows you to deal continuous damage when approaching enemies. If you want to play it safe and shoot from a distance with strong fire when using mammoth or titan, shield and heal will help you on defense. It is considered to be quite similar to the gameplay in another game version called “Bloody” Reaper. You will use powerful tanks in Hills of Steel 2 APK to get close and destroy enemy tanks by “bombing”.

Besides, the system also has an “Upgrade” feature that allows your tank to use special abilities to help you in battle, such as laying mines, throwing bombs, booby traps, self-healing, etc. Currently, each type of tank has 6 different types of upgrades, and you have to choose the upgrade to suit the purpose of use.

Many exciting modes in Hills of Steel 2 for free

Hills Of Steel 2 Mod Unlimited Tanks, Ammo For Android

In PvP mode, you will engage in combat with a single player or an AI in a 1v1 match. Each battle will take place within 60 seconds, if both tanks are not destroyed, the meter will activate “sudden death” within 30 seconds. Low blood pressure vehicles will automatically be counted as losers.

Besides, you can fight with your friends in Hills of Steel 2, a 2v2 multiplayer battle. To win in this system, your team needs good cooperation in the tactics and skills of both players. In adventure mode you have to shoot down all the enemies in front of you and kill the powerful boss. In this mode, time is unlimited and you can even revive destroyed tanks with just a few gems.

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Classic mode is relatively similar to adventure mode. You destroy various AI vehicles and kill the final boss, continuously fighting at every turn until your vehicle is destroyed. The difficulty in this normal mode will increase, the deeper you go, the more focused you will be, but this means that the reward value will also increase. In particular, in the “boss only” mode, you only have to fight a series of final bosses instead of fighting many different types of enemies.

Beautiful graphics will make you more excited to play

Hills Of Steel 2 Mod Latest Version

In terms of graphics, Hills of Steel 2 brings 2D graphic style on the horizontal screen of mobile devices. Although the image is not as realistic as World Of Tanks and War Machines, the game still brings attraction with vivid and friendly graphics. The wide variety of tank designs and options will not let you down.

MOD APK version of Hills of Steel 2

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Weapon no Reload // No Skill CD
  • God Mode // Immortal
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Tanks


Participating in the battles in Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK, you will experience all kinds of emotions from tension and anxiety to excitement, and sometimes humor to laughter. With not too complicated gameplay and special physical laws, this game will surely remain popular for a long time.

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