GTA 5/Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK 2.00 (Unlimited Money)

GTA 5/Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK 2.00 (Unlimited Money)

Name GTA V
Version 2.00
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 3 GB
Genre Action
Get original on Google Play
Publisher Rockstar Games
Người Đăng Rockstar Games,
Cập Nhật September 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

GTA V (MOD, Unlimited Money) is set in the virtual city of Los Santos, San Andreas state. GTA 5  – Grand Theft Auto V revolves around the crime story of some criminals. Together, they form a gang of three and perform dangerous but well-paid jobs. In the end, they decided to end their dangerous lives. It’s crazy and interesting when the plot of GTA V connects three characters with different backgrounds, creating events that are dangerous but also very unique and dramatic.

Introduce About Grand Theft Auto V MOD APK – GTA 5

GTA 5 MOD APK owns a combination of different game genres including role-playing, adventure, action, racing and is the best part in the world famous action adventure game series Grand Theft Auto. Developed by Rockstar North, GTA was officially released in 2004. And GTA V is the latest title in this popular game series after GTA IV was released in 2008.

GTA 5 MOBILE APK is detailed by the publisher, the context is a virtual city inspired by the lavish and magnificent city of Los Angeles. Inheriting the highlights in the old version combined with new creations has created a great space and storyline in GTA 5 MOBILE APK. The map has been upgraded to better assist you whether you use it in first person or third person. The theme throughout the game is that you have to act like a criminal and meet different characters that are revolving around the plot.

The gameplay of GTA 5 MOD APK

Gta 5 Mod Apk

Grand Theft Auto V will still be similar to the older GTA versions, where you can use everything comfortably and for free. It’s up to you to decide what to choose for your virtual city life experience. You can choose to live peacefully or destroy the whole city in search of fun. The gameplay has not changed too much, but the game is also upgraded with many things to increase the fun for you!

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Grand Theft Auto V owns the largest number of machines of all versions. Game publisher Rockstar not only improved the vehicles and transportation methods, but also added physical effects to increase the player’s experience and feel more realistic.

GTA V is built with a few other unique features in addition to the new character transformation feature. This allows you to control up to three different characters with the other two working properly while you play as one of them. Would have been amazed at the actions of those characters if it weren’t for your control. You will be able to see the familiar scenes of a modern city such as roads, vehicles, skyscrapers or the gathering places of the underground world realistically expressed while controlling the character. their own to perform the task. Therefore, all your tasks also revolve around the character’s daily activities. For example, when you control the character to drive a car, fly a helicopter, fight with enemies, etc. In addition,

GTA V rich mission mode

Download Grand Theft Auto V Mod Money For Android

The mission system in GTA 5 MOD APK is very diverse and seamlessly built according to the plot like in the old GTA. You need to complete the tasks one after another in a pre-arranged order. The mission system in Grand Theft Auto V looks quite simple, but you should also learn because they are related to each other and have to meet a lot of different characters. After you complete a few missions in the main story of the game, there will be countless side quests attached.

At that time, you have to do side quests and adventure activities in parallel with the main task to be able to earn money. The amount of money you earn will be used to buy items. To increase the amount of money you earn, you should also buy fixed assets or participate in the stock market. To make the mission easier to visualize, most of the time you will have to control the character to drive to a predetermined location, perform armed actions, search for information and return to base. After you complete the mission, the game’s plot plan changes again. This is interesting, isn’t it!

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Diverse viewing angles

Grand Theft Auto V has a more diverse perspective when it has added a first-person game mode instead of being able to use only the third-person perspective in previous versions. This contributes to increasing the experience and realism when you play the game. You can completely change the star perspective that suits you best.

You can see the entire surroundings and easily identify the enemy when using the game mode in the third person. However, with this perspective, you also encounter some limitations in the game experience when it is only comprehensive and not very realistic. On the contrary, in the first person perspective, it gives you an eye-catching and realistic gaming experience like being transformed into a character. There is nothing better than seeing and participating in the dangerous action in the game.

Graphics and Sound

GTA 5 has really done a great job in terms of audio and visual. The first is about graphics, the game is developed on the basis of high quality 3D graphics, sharp to every detail will give players a very realistic experience, new fighting and gunfight scenes. under many perspectives.

The sound in the game is not too picky but just enough to give players exciting and realistic moments of entertainment about action or combat. There is also the interaction between the characters with pre-recorded voices to give you the most realistic and wonderful feeling.

MOD APK version of Grand Theft Auto V

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money


Grand Theft Auto V really does a good job of what should be in a must-have action role-playing game.

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