MOD APK 6.16 (Free WARP+, Unlocked Premium) MOD APK 6.16 (Free WARP+, Unlocked Premium)

Version 6.16
MOD Features Unlocked Premium, Free WARP+
Size 24M
Genre Tools
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Publisher Cloudflare, Inc
Người Đăng Cloudflare Inc.,
Cập Nhật September 17, 2022 (3 months ago)
DOWNLOAD (Unlocked Premium, Free WARP+) (MOD Premium Unlocked, Free WARP+)  is an application that helps create a secure connection, promoting privacy when accessing the internet. Now you can access blocked website easily with significantly faster speed.

Introduce About MOD APK APK is a smart, useful application that improves your network usage speed, increases access performance provided by Cloudflare, Inc. This is one of the most downloaded applications on Android because of the attractive features that the application brings. If you often face the problem of slow internet access, then this is definitely the application for you.

Create a more private and secure connection Mod Apk Faster & Safer Internet uses an encrypted connection method through Cloudflare’s servers called Wrap. The application will not store any addresses and logs for more than 24 hours. Besides, it also prevents service providers from tracking your access history.

Boost internet connection speed

The new Wrap feature helps users’ access to be routed through Cloudflare’s servers to speed up network connections faster and stronger. Especially DNS also provides a respectable access speed and response time up to 14ms, faster than both OpenDNS and Google DNS.

Always Free, Less Ads Premium MOD is completely free and there seem to be very few ads that appear during use. Cloudflare insists it doesn’t store any data that could be used to identify you, nor to sell ads. For revenue, the company will sell Wrap+ service running on Cloudflare Argo technology with faster speed and higher stability.

Easy connection, just 1 touch

Download Mod Free Warp+ For Android

The operation of activating browsing speed is extremely simple. Although the application currently only supports English, the interface is easy to use, not complicated. You just need to open Faster & Safer Internet, at the main screen press one touch on the switch bar to start the application.

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Configuration and interface Mod Premium Unlocked Lastest Version

The configuration and interface of is not only light and harmonious, but also extremely sophisticated and professional. Control buttons, toolbars are arranged scientifically and logically. It looks complicated, but with just a few small steps, users can use the application proficiently.


  • The first feature that must be mentioned is to improve your network. The application will be programmed inside to change your network IP to another IP and remove bad actors to gain access, improve the speed of the network in use. It sounds extremely difficult and complicated, but for the Mod version of, it is extremely easy.
  • Enable WARP+ with optimization in and you can access whatever you want. The software also encrypts the end-to-end data to prevent external actors from entering.
  • Using a public network, a normal network at your home is also a loophole, a hole for Hackers to break in and steal personal information and documents of users. However, there is no need to worry because Mod possesses very high security, builds a solid protective wall to ensure that private information and documents are not exposed to the outside and cannot be penetrated. to retrieve.
  • Mod is also extremely smart when it can hide the user’s search history, block websites and hackers suspected of having bad intentions. Users can safely use it without worrying about being stolen or revealing personal information.
  • Use it anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are, it’s completely free.
  • Don’t worry about network lag, lag or suddenly freeze, especially when playing games, watching movies or surfing the web because this software takes care of it all for you.
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MOD Feature of MOD APK

  • Unlocked Premium
  • Free WARP+

Conclusion Faster & Safer Internet MOD APK is an application that creates an extremely secure and fast internet connection, right? So what are you waiting for without experiencing and remember to leave a comment below the article!

Download MOD Unlocked Premium, Free WARP+ APK

DOWNLOAD (Unlocked Premium, Free WARP+)
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